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Recent Work (2015 / 2016)

A sample of my recent work; comprised of my professional freelance work, commissions, competition entries and personal projects.

A & M Matless
Fulltex Software Logo
Alternative Logo Idea
Software Mill Logo
Fulltex Brand Idea
Holtex Logo Ideas
Holtex Art & Design Brand Ideas
Map of Brothinjord
'Saint Delia'
'Devil's Crystal' Item Card
Item Card Design Stages
'Nasir' Follower Card
Gathering Mission Flow

Steam Workshop / CSGO Community Work (2014 - 2016)

I saw the opportunity to contribute to CS:GO as an interesting creative venture; the engine and weapon models provided technical constraints and design challenges that intrigued me. Each new design was treated as a mini-project; not only considering the geometry and visual style of the weapon but also the entire brand of the design from a promotional point of view.

The CS:GO workshop itself is highly competitive due to its lucrative rewards. On average an artist receives $40,000 for each weapon design added to the game and items on the workshop can be viewed by thousands of players. CS:GO is one of the largest professionally played eSports meaning there is the potential for your work to be viewed by millions of people worldwide.

To date I have yet to have a weapon added to the game; however tens of thousands of people have viewed, liked and favourited my work. You can view my Steam Workshop page online and some of my own favourite contributions are displayed below.

Phoenix Connexion Logo
Galil-AR: Phoenix Connexion
G3SG1: Phoenix Connexion
Sawed-Off Shotgun: Outlaw
Outlaw Logo
AK47: Pearl Fire 2.0 Promotional Image
Scout: Cosmic Fire Promotional Image
Desert Eagle: Salvador
Salvador Promotional Image

Masters Degree Work (2013 / 2014)

My research project worked with West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service (WYFRS) to develop a system which could create and carry out exam scenarios for Incident Commanders. I took charge of a small team of 4 other developers at Canalside Studios, a part of the University which employs 3rd year programming and design students on a placement year, and worked for around 10 months on the software, defining the design, flow and menu systems.

From this I wrote my thesis on developing UI for serious games and the differences I observed from user testing the software on gamers and non-gamers.

The project itself provided me with real world experience. I handled a lot of the client relations between the team and the Fire Service. This meant regular meetings and undergoing basic officer training to acquire domain knowledge. The Fire Service sent me learning resources, allowed me to observe real training demos and sit in on mock command incident exams. I was also able to get interviews with various project stakeholders and organise and conduct user testing.

Despite now (2016) being fairly critical of the visual work I produced for this project, I’m still proud of it and in particular the design process that I went through.

Software Overview
Building selection & scene generation
Building customisation
Creating the pathing
Editing the pathing
Previewing the path
Finishing the scene
Companion app UI
RTS HUD Concept

Framing The Landscape (2014)

The University of Huddersfield collaborated with local Yorkshire artist Ashley Jackson and helped him create an AR (augmented reality) mobile phone app to go alongside his outdoor ‘Framing the Landscape’ art exhibition.

The aim of the app was straight forward; provide a map so users could find the location of blank metal picture frames situated across the Yorkshire countryside. Then once at a frame using the phones camera and AR to display Ashley’s artwork inside the blank frames.

We added incentives; such as a gallery that once a frame’s artwork had been ‘unlocked’ you could view it at anytime from anywhere. Each frame also has a voice recording of Ashley discussing the location, landscape and his artwork that users can listen to. Other sections include information about the project and a settings page primarily there to address the issue of relying on GPS phone signal in remote countryside areas.

When designing it my main ambition was trying to take the experience of an art gallery and by using technology take it out into the open world.

App Wireframe
App Home Screen
Location Screen
Unlock Screen
Gallery Screen
Settings Menu GIF

Final Year Undergraduate Work (2013)

A few pieces of visual work I created for the final year of my Undergraduate degree.

Final Year Project Demo
Visual Studies Concept Art
Team Project - Saving Our Bacon